“For those who understand, no explanation is needed. For those who do not, none is possible.”

Thank you very much for visiting Grey Gardens Online.

I happened upon the world of Grey Gardens by accident in 2006; I was browsing DVD’s on and randomly came across the Maysles documentary. The cover artwork drew me in; something about the juxtaposition of the gorgeous Little Edie Beale in that ratty fur coat against the backdrop of the crumbling mansion piqued my curiosity. I immediately thought to myself, “Why haven’t I heard of this story?” and “Who are these people?”

My wife and I watched the DVD, and were instantly intrigued. We had to find out everything we could about the Beales. We scoured the Internet for more information; there was very little out there, and nothing seemed to be archived in a concise place. We put this site together as a way to share with others what we have learned.

Please enjoy browsing the site, and if you have any comments or suggestions please feel free to send them in to me.

All the best to you,