DONATE1As you can imagine, an enormous amount of time, effort, and money went into developing this website. And it is an ongoing task to keep it updated and current. I could have easily put all of this information into a book and sold it. However, I wanted to share it freely and easily over the Internet for people around the world to enjoy.

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For a limited time, donations of $110 or more will receive a Staunch Character Bobble Head Doll and Grey Gardens Online Car Sticker.

The Staunch Character Doll captures the sultry style of Edie Beale, the perfect poise of Christine Ebersole, and the carefree spirit of Drew Barrymore.


DONATE2The figure was created in 2007 as a quirky way to pay homage to Little Edie Beale. Only 100 of this instant collector’s item were made, and the original mold was destroyed. Each piece is hand-numbered. The raccoon and cat are separate pieces and can be positioned any way you desire. The “fake Mexican brooch” features two sparkling crystals. The little stick flag is removable.

The doll is already in the collections of such “GG” icons as Albert Maysles, Christine Ebersole, Drew Barrymore, Muffie Meyer, and Doug Wright. Wright called it “so cleverly conceived and artfully realized – I’m speechless!” and Al Maysles declared it “gorgeous, touching, magnificent all at once.”